Farrier Work: Horseshoeing and Trimming
Based out of College Station, Texas and traveling around the Brazos Valley
(979) 203-5631






Colton DeAeth is a farrier in Central Texas offering horseshoeing and trimming.

Colton has spent his life with horses and worked with them since he was a child. In 2011 he completed training at Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School where he trained in basic and corrective shoeing. Afterwards, he received extensive training while apprenticing with Shon Callahan, an expert in corrective shoeing.

Colton is one of the designated Farriers that work on the variety of abuse/neglect rehab horses at True Blue Animal Rescue. If you would like to learn more about the horses he works on you can visit them at http://www.t-bar.org

If you are looking for a respectful, experienced, and qualified horseshoer that you can depend on, you can contact Colton at (979) 203-5631


Colton is a very knowledgeable, patient and kind farrier. He trims my TBAR sponsor horse Ladybug regularly and does a great job with her. As she can be a bit testy at times he takes the time to reassure her. He gets to know his horse customers and treats them as he would his own. ~ Teresa Tackett Gaskamp

I have two horses and he IS my guy! He does a wonderful job! And besides that he is fun to talk to as well! ~ Ellen Spahni

We like our farrier!  (Thanks Colton for working on our horses!) ~ Mary Ann Miron 

Great job with the horses this morning! So happy we have found a wonderful new farrier!~ Jan Cernoch Kershaw

Colton has been a real blessing… When our adopted TBAR horse was diagnosed with laminitis and required corrective shoeing that I could not afford, Colton Deaeth agreed to do the shoes (thanks Shon Callahan) at an affordable price. Additionally, he is patient, knowledgeable and very thorough. He understands horse behaviors as well as feet. An added bonus is that he is indeed easy on the eyes! ~ Lisa Peddicord Bobbitt

Colton does excellent corrective shoeing/farrier work on my sponsored horse Copper. He always has a pep in his step after he is trimmed & shod. ~ Amy Hemsell